Several years ago, the New York Times stated in large letters, “Found: Biggest, Most Powerful Star Yet Seen.” Not long ago it was reported that the Hubble Space Telescope witnessed, “for the first time,” the “brightest star” ever seen in the Milky Way.

How large is this giant? John N. Wilford of the New York Times said the super star is so large it could, “fill all of the solar system within the orbit of Earth, which is 93 million miles from the Sun.” He pointed out that its turbulent eruptions could “spread a cloud of gases spanning four light-years, the distance from the Sun to the nearest star.” This star of stars is so mighty it, “glows with the energy of 10 million suns,” making this luminary the “brightest ever observed in our galaxy.”

Wilford says this big beauty went unnoticed for such a long time, because it was “hidden from the human eye by vast dust clouds.” The only reason we are now able to enjoy its splendor is because Hubble is using a camera sensitive to the infrared light that penetrates the dust clouds.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Bruce H. Margon, an astronomer at the University of Washington in Seattle, pointed out that theorists, “will now have to refine or recast their ideas of star formation.” Why? Because some believed that a star of this size could not have existed without blowing itself apart. And such thinking had an impact on how astronomers viewed the development of stars.

In a sense, what we have here is a classic case of cosmic hide and seek. For many centuries the largest known star in our galaxy was lost behind a huge dust cloud. It was lost until the Hubble Telescope peeked through a dusty veil to spot it. From an astrological perspective, this is truly a wonderful and exciting discovery.

From a Christian perspective, further enlightenment concerning the magnificence of God’s creation is always a welcome treat! When educated believers hear the Lord created a star that many of our greatest astrologists considered impossible, it is a joy. Not because we are vindictive and wish them ill, but rather because it is an indicator of God the Creator’s supreme majesty over all things! Nevertheless, some within the scientific community purport that Bible-believing Christians embrace a “blind faith.” Such a mindset leads some to dismiss God and the Bible as irrelevant when it comes to considering things like the origin of the universe.

Of course such thoughts are misguided. Clearly, many scientists themselves embrace a blind faith. Their faith is not in God, but in self and one’s ability to discern universal truths apart from God. We see proof of this when in one part of the New York Times, we are told that theorists, “will now have to refine or recast their ideas of star formation”, and in another it boldly asserts the sun “is about five billion years old… with another five billion to go.” Man in his arrogance has no boundaries. One moment he confesses his absolute failure to understand the origin of the stars, and in the same breath he makes bold assertions regarding their origin and life span. Where does the foolishness end?

Why is it that so many very intelligent, well-educated people reject God and His Word? The Bible says in Romans 1:22, “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”For many, the strong “self-image” they have developed has led them down the path of self-deception. Because they think they are wise, they are wise! And because they think God and His Word are irrelevant, they are irrelevant!

Such thinking is much like the dog who believes he can catch his tail if he pursues it long and hard enough. Yet, if God is who He says He is, and the Bible is what it says it is, then the dog is wasting his time.

When all is said and done, many astrologists, as well as scientists, are involved in nothing more than a cosmic game of hide and seek. Their “science” is nothing more than a guessing game in disguise! They advance theory as “truth,” and when proved wrong, they turn from their old version of “truth,” readjust it accordingly, and move on as if nothing has happened. The problem is, something has happened. The inadequacy of their truths, education, philosophy and profession are laid bare, and the truth of what they are and are not becomes evident! “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” For as much as modern science accuses Bible-believing Christians of embracing a “blind faith,” many within the field stand guilty of living out the accusation they have advanced. Time and time again, bedrock “truths” and theories have fallen by the wayside. This massive star is just one of many examples.

And what about Christianity? What about the substance of this “blind faith” so many of us profess? Has anyone proved that Christ did not rise from the dead? Has anyone found credible evidence that the Jesus is not the Son of God? Has anyone confirmed that heaven does not exist? None of the basic truths of Christianity have truly been revocated!

Unlike astrological theories held captive by dust storms surrounding giant stars, the under girding of Christianity is not held captive by man’s ignorance and denials. Christians need not hold their breath for fear of seeing their faith destroyed by some new revelation. Why? Because the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a theory, it is truth–and true truth need not fear!

When Scripture says in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” and “He made the stars also” (Genesis 1:16), it was pronouncing true truth–truth that is not dependent on telescopes, microscopes, nor man’s scientific litmus test. God and His Word will never need to be refined or recast, for it is true! It is true, it is unwavering, it is eternal and it is free for the asking!