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Christian Teaching & Talk Radio Stations

>Bott Radio Network
>WMCA AM New York
>KPRZ 1210 AM San Diego
>KPXQ 1360 AM Phoenix
>WFIL 560 AM Philadelphia
>KFAX 1100 AM San Francisco
>KGFT 100.7 FM Colorado Springs
>KGNW 820 AM Seattle
>KKHT 100.7 FM Houston
>KKLA 99.5 FM Los Angeles
>KKMS 980 AM Minneapolis
>KWRD 100.7 FM Dallas
>KSLR 630 AM San Antonio
>WAVA-AM 780 AM Washington DC
>WEZE 590 AM Boston
>WHKW 1220 AM Cleveland
>WNIV 970 AM Atlanta
>WPIT 730 AM Pittsburg
>WTLN 950 AM Orlando
>WYLL 1160 AM Chicago

Christian Music

>Air 1
>K Love

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