If Ever There Was A Day

If ever there was a day that was as cold as night even though the sun was shining bright If ever there was a day that no sun would shine even though you could see it in it’s divine…

Today is that day my friend, every day from now til the end. everyday from now until eternity from the beginning until Infinity.

The beginning is a different day for all, the day we were Saved from Jesus’ humane fall. For our Savior dies every day, to take away our sins in one way.

By the death of His human body here, He shed His blood for every victims’ tear. Those innocent lost, those innocent found, even our enemies are touched by His love abound.

From the beginning to the end His love shall be, from this shore to that shore from the lake to the sea. If you know someone who knows no day of fate, please share this poem with them, before it is much to late.

By Ashley Rockhold: Sunday September 16th, 2001

This poem is dedicated to the many lives that were lost in the Attack on America on the 11th day of September 2001. My heart is with all of those lost and all of those found… not merely by the rescuers, but by the Lord himself. All of those who have been found and who will be found in the after math of this occurance. To our enemies: whom we should and I DO love, may God have mercy on your souls. God bless us all.