Jesus’ Plea For Humanity

Yoshua, Yoshua I listen to the Earth
And I hear how the oppressed scream.
I see how men take from their neighbors
And destroy each other’s dreams.

See the one over there, he doesn’t care
That he causes his brother strife.
Without hesitation, he’s planning right now
To commit adultery with his neighbor’s wife.

And of my Ten Commandments did I not say
‘If you kill you will be cursed.’
But by their wars and murderous crimes
It’s blood that they obviously thirst.

They’re a greedy, careless, and obstinate people
And they don’t obey a word that I say.
They would rather suffer the consequences of Hell
By having things did their own way.

I have been patient and tried very hard
To give them a chance to change.
But now my anger is kindled so I’ll stretch out my hand
To return them to the dust from which they came.

Oh Father, Father I once was a man
And I understand the things they go thru.
It’s really not that they don’t love themselves
Or that they don’t love You.

It’s hard for a man to understand
Or believe in the things he can’t see.
There are temptations down there that are hard to resist
And they aren’t as strong as You or me.

There is love in their heart, like a mother for her child
But they must learn to put You first.
They must understand that though some periods are bad
Times could be a whole lot worst.

Please Father, have mercy on them
And guide them in every way.
Please extend your patience just a little longer
And they’ll see the light someday.

I will Son, I will.

By Craig ‘Doc’ Beals