Co-Workers With God

Co-workers with God, Christian brothers are we;
The field of our labors, from sea unto sea;
The seed that we sow, is the life-giving Word;
The Master we serve, Christ our wonderful Lord.

Co-workers with God! What a privilege, ours!
The tasks He assigns claim our uttermost pow’rs,-
To carry His message to them who are lost,
Of pardon procured at so dreadful a cost.

Co-workers with God! But can He entrust
His precious evangel to children of dust?
Ah! we must be faithful His tidings to bear
To those yet in darkness, to souls ev’rywhere.

Co-workers with God! Dear indeed to His Heart,
The work in which you He has given a part;
He wills that all men His salvation should know,
His pardoning grace upon all should bestow.

How shall we grow weary when millions untold
Still wander afar from the Good Shepherd’s fold?
Oh! great the reward that awaits us, and sure,
To all who toil on, to the end that endure!

Dear Gideon brothers, re-double your zeal;
About you the shadows of evening steal;
The night which precedes His returning is near;
Say, will you be ready when He shall appear?

Thomas O. Chisholm