Do Not Grieve

Please do not grieve
That I must leave
God’s beautiful earth,
Full of love and worth.
On my last trip away,
Not to return some other day,
To the blessed home of the soul,
Where with Christ I am made whole.

No more pain, no more tears,
No more lameness, no more fears.
Home with Him, Who thro the years
Kept me safe when I striped my gears!

Rather rejoice, a child has gone home,
Never more to complain and groan.
But to worship and praise the Blessed Trinity,
With a perfect heart through all eternity.
Until the end I want you to know,
I’ll praise my God from whom all blessings flow.

What a joy it will be
When His face I shall see.
The One who has redeemed,
Kept, led, and watched over me.

The young may die, but the old they must.
But for all it doesn’t matter
If you truly learn to trust.

Dear Ones, do not grieve,
All you who do believe.
When God takes me home,
As He promised all His own.
To see Jesus face to face.
What a Glory! What a Place!

Ida M. Perry