Basic Accounting for Churches: A Turn Key Manual by Jack A. Henry

Churches That Abuse by Ronald M. Enroth

When Not to Build: An Architect's Unconventional Wisdom for the Growing Church by Ray Bowman, Eddy Hall

Managing the Congregation: Building Effective Systems to Serve People by Norman Shawchuck, Roger Heuser

Twelve Keys to an Effective Church: Strategic Planning for Mission by Kennon L. Callahan

Benchmarks of Quality in the Church: 21 Ways to Continuously Improve the Content of Your Ministry by Norman Shawchuck, Gustave J. Rath

The Debt-Free Church: Experiencing Financial Freedom While Growing Your Ministry by Jeff Berg, Jim Burgess

Clergy Killers: Guidance for Pastors and Congregations Under Attack by G. Lloyd Rediger

Abingdon Clergy Income Tax Guide